Sweet and Sour Apricot Chicken Recipe

  • on March 23, 2017
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Sweet and Sour Apricot Chicken Recipe


Sweet and Sour Apricot Chicken Recipe


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Sweet and Sour Apricot Chicken Recipe


This Asian inspired recipe combines the two favorite flavors of Asians in a single dish with a touch of apricots. It hardly demands any time in the kitchen; also helps you to disguise the time you spent on it with the incredible taste it offers. The sweet and sour sauce really makes the chicken delightful. Its hard not to feel tempting once you get a taste it. Accompany it with brown rice and green salad to serve a complete meal. There are many versions of sweet and sour sauces are available. Use your favorite to make this recipe your own.


      2 large chicken breasts

      ¾ can apricots(halved)

      1 cup sweet and sour sauce

      1 green pepper(chopped)

      1 large garlic clove-minced(optional)

      2 tablespoons olive oil

For sweet and sour sauce:

      1 teaspoon soy sauce

      ¼ cup brown sugar

      ¼ cup rice vinegar/white vinegar

      1 tablespoon ketchup

      ½ cup pineapple juice

      1 teaspoon cornstarch

      1 tablespoon water

Add 1 tablespoon of water to 1 teaspoon cornstarch; mix well until it forms a thick paste. Set aside.

 Combine soy sauce, brown sugar, rice vinegar, pineapple juice and ketchup in a sauce pan. Bring it to a boil over low-medium flame. With constant stirring add cornstarch mix to the sauce. Simmer the flame; cook for 2 minutes. Off heat when it’s done.

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It can be served with chicken, meat and vegetables; also can be used up to 2 weeks if you store in the refrigerator using air-tight containers to seal it.

Wash the chicken with clean water and use a paper towel to dry it off. Cut the breasts into 1-2 inch pieces.

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Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet; put chicken pieces in the hot oil, cook it for 12 minutes over medium-high until chicken turns golden.

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Add apricot halves, ½ teaspoon garlic powder and chopped green pepper to the chicken. Let it cook for 2 minutes with occasional stirring. Adjust the heat to low; Pour 1 cup of sweet and sour sauce over the chicken. While stirring constantly, let it shimmer for 2 minutes.

Take it off the heat; transfer to a serving platter. Serve it hot with brown rice and green salads.

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Notes & Tips:

      Any skinless, boneless part of the chicken can be used for this recipe.

      Use store bought sauce if you do not have time to prepare it.

      Substitute rice/white vinegar with lemon juice (1 lemon for above given quantities).

      As a variation add tomatoes and green onions to the dish.

      Sauce from the leftover chicken can be used as a salad dressing

      Skip garlic if you dont like it.




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